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Things To Do In Phuket, Thailand

Summer is finally here and all you want is an Instagram-worthy golden sandy beach, a nice big umbrella to keep away harmful rays and a couple of piña coladas as you pack your bags and head to the little island of Phuket. Despite being the second smallest island in the Kingdom of Thailand, the little isle of Phuket has shown no signs of slowing down when expanding its tourist potential. With its own international airport, the island has been nothing but a buzz among tropical-island vacationers. For those who want to get away, long term rental Phuket is the way to go. And while you are out there on an almost stay-cation, here are a couple of things you ought to try out.
The Beaches
Starting from the more popular Patong Beach to the less populate Karon, Kamala and Kata beaches, Phuket gives you nothing but the best of clear blue waters and golden sandy beaches. What’s even greater about these beaches for rent condo Pattaya is how you are indirectly exposed to a plethora of culture. En route to a beach it’s absolutely magical how you can find a temple here or a hidden town over there. For the more visual of us, it’s the cameras or canvases to recreate these memories and for those seeking solace in words, it’s the writing that can recapture the beauty of it all.
The Food
Phuket offers a range of food, both Western and local. For those who miss a taste of home, don’t worry, the island has you covered. However, for those seeking more local flavours, it’s safe to say that the island will be nothing short of a treat for you. The thing about food is how it becomes a representation of the culture you will be holidaying in. Nothing speaks budget island holidays like street food does, downed with some local spirits. It’s inexpensive, it’s different, it’s off the streets of Phuket and it’s something you would definitely not be able to replicate elsewhere. However, if experimenting with food is not what you had in mind during your holiday in Phuket, you always have the option of resorting to taste buds and flavours you call local.
The Entertainment
Phuket has been designed to entertain all its tourists, whether they are in a budget or a luxurious holiday. These include, snorkelling, island tours, nightlife, shopping, karaoke bars and therapeutic Thai massages. Among the many things that make Phuket a great holiday destination for everyone, is the fact that they have almost all elements of a perfect vacation, planned out for everyone.

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