Exploring Hervey Bay: Why You Need To Go There

Hervey bay is filled with fun, excitement, and relaxing areas that makes it an ideal place in Australia to visit.Hervey bay is one of the famous places in Australia because of the fun and exciting activities that you can do there. Other than that, it is filled with so much natural attractions that just gives you a refreshing experience throughout your stay there. It truly is a highly recommended place to visit in Australia and these are the reasons why.

Adrenaline rush

One of the most extreme activities that Hervey bay offers is going on a fraser island 4wd! The island alone is already worth every spent, wherein you can tour the island from both of its ends, but what better way to do it than riding in a 4×4, right? It truly is a thrilling experience as you get to see both the sea and the island where you can do so much more along the way.Adding fun and excitement throughout your whole stay in Hervey bay is best done when you opt for a hervey bay 4wd hire. You can spend 2 days in the fraser island wherein you go to the sandunes and have an awesome ride, and you and your friends can even take turns in driving the vehicle!

Whale watching capital of Australia

Australia is filled with a lot of beautiful places to go to, and when it comes to whale watching, Hervey bay is the perfect place to go to for this activity as these humpback whales can usually be seen during the month of July to October. Other than whales, you can also see dolhpins swimming as if they have synchronized it for a spectacular performance. To get the best view, you can head to the bay and ride a boat to get more up close and personal with these majestic sea creatures.


Take a cruise while you enjoy your sumptious food around the favorite island. These are guaranteed to be freshly caught that just makes the whole experience perfect. To top it off, you can possibly be able to see the whales swim around or next to your boat too!

Sunset viewing

A truly serene and peaceful way to watch the sunset can be found in Hervey bay wherein you can grab your beanbags, your favorite drinks and appetizers, and your friends and family along as you enjoy the panoramic view of the ocean and watch the sun go down.

Walk in Esplanade

Esplanade is one of the tourist destinations in Hervey bay which stretches at an astounding 14km long, but as you stroll along, you won’t really feel getting tired because you have this beautiful view of the harbor along the way. It is also a great spot for barbecue parties and even go for a fish!Hervey bay is truly a majestic place to be, and if you plan on going on a trip there, then you should plan it out properly whether it is a short day trip or a 2 day trip, there are alot of things to do in the area.