Staying In A Shared Accommodation Is Cost Effective And Fun

You will not get a mint fragrance pillow on your bed, a television, the maid service and food on call as soon as you reach to a dormitory accommodation. But, what you will get for sure is, a good comfortable bed, a roof on your head and some people to talk to. After all, when you are coming to a city to understand it or to see its beauty and these are things that you require.

Accommodation in a boarding house in the Bangkok city gives you all this. And not only this, but it gives you a good saving on your travelling costs as well. Want to know how! Check this out.

  • Shared accommodation is cheaper
    We all know when we share things it becomes cheaper. Either it is like sharing a taxi or sharing a room. When hotels near MBK in Bangkok is booked on a shared basis, then the cost of the room gets divided into the number of persons living in it. Thus, you have to pay less price for a room taken on sharing. The hostel service providers offer different types of rooms to the person according to their budget and requirement.
  • You get food at cheaper rate
    Unlike food provided in the hotel rooms, the food offered in boarding houses remains cheaper and tastier. Moreover, some boarding houses also give the option of cooking food. By cooking snacks and breakfast, you can save good amount of money on food while traveling.
  • Save money on transportation cost
    While visiting a new place, or the city, in the absence of knowledge about local transportation services, our dependency on rental vehicle increases a lot. And we spend a lot of money on this service. When accommodation is in the hostel, we get people who are either local the place or have come to visit the place and know about the transportation. By taking their help, we can save a huge amount on transportation.
  • It is not like, in the hostel, you get only the shared rooms. In Bangkok hostel private room is also provided by the service providers. The private room in the boarding houses remains quite similar to individual rooms in the hotel. However, the rates of the rooms still remain little low in comparison to the hotel room. This is because, in the boarding house, you have to share everything with others except the room. Thus, by living in a shared accommodation, you not only save cost, but get companionship and fun as well.