The Industry Of Travel And Tourism

The tourism industry is one of the main methods of attracting foreign exchange to a country which is also a highly profitable and expanding industry. Gone are the days that people stayed at home or visited a local beach for relaxation purposes. As the income levels of individuals and their standard of living increase, people tend to spend more money and time for leisure and entertainment activities at Agnes water accommodation and hence the travel and tourism industry is mainly to benefit from it. It is a service industry which gives life to many other services such as transportation, hospitality services such as hotels and resorts and entertainment activities such as concerts and amusement parks. The main industry or the source of income of many countries such as Maldives and some African countries is tourism and it provides employment for many individuals. Given are a few places of different continents of the world that kindle the interest of travelers worldwide.


Australia is within the top 12 tourist income earning countries of the world and has a very good reputation for luscious beaches. There is a vast range of places to be explored and experienced in this majestic country. The Great Barrier Reef, the Fraser Islands, the cable beach, accommodation Agnes Water 1770 in Queensland, Blue mountains national park, Whitsunday Islands, the Sydney opera house are few of those most beautiful places.

There are many choices available for tourists for accommodation in Australia such as Gold Coast accommodation, Perth Accommodation, Coffs Harbor, Townsville, accommodation Agnes Water 1770, Launceston accommodation and many more. If you are interested in golden beaches and a peaceful environment, Australia is your best choice. It is a must visit site by any tourist as Australia is both a continent and a country in one.


The most visited country by tourists in the region of Asia, according to the UN World Tourism Organization is the Peoples’ Republic of China. The most renowned tourist attraction site of China is the Great Wall that was built centuries ago and which is of course a world heritage site and a world wonder. The Forbidden City and the imperial palace, the terracotta army and the summer palace are famous sites of China. India is another very famous tourist destination. Taj Mahal is one of the most loved and most visited monuments of the world. Apart from that, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Japan and Korea are also famous tourist destinations.


The most visited country by the tourists of the world is considered as France. The Louvre museum itself is congested with nearly 9334000 visitors per annum. The Eiffel tower, the palace of Versailles, Mont Saint-Michel, Gates of Notre Dame, Alsace villages are a few of the exquisite and breath taking sites of France. The entire European continent is a travel destination itself. Venice, Vienna, Rome and the St. Peter’s Basilica, Amsterdam, Budapest, Athens, are all lovely and picturesque cities of Europe which are indeed worth visiting.