Master These Hacks For The Perfect Camping Trip

Who doesn’t love the great outdoors! Be it by yourself, with friends or family there’s nothing like enjoying the scenic views and breathing the fresh air miles away from the hustle and bustle of the heavy traffic and workaholic lifestyle. Even if your visit to the outdoors is merely for a day trip or overnight there are many recreational activities that anyone can engage on. For a more organized and planned trip for Cape York adventure tours you can rely on the services of tour companies where they offer packages to obtain the best of the tour according to your budget.

If you’re planning to set out during warm temperature climates then you will need to ready your four wheels for the authentic 4WD tours experience.

Regardless of your style of camping, ace camper or novice nature lover simply getting your gear is not sufficient to get the best out of the 4WD tours. Hence we have gathered a few tricks compiled from the camping experts for your next outdoor venture.

Portable hand wash station

Been outdoors and camping is all about roughing it out and getting down right dirty. However it’s always refreshing to be able to wash your hands now and then, maybe before a meal or after fishing or the obvious need of after answering “nature calls” while you discover nature itself. You don’t need fancy equipment for this need, you simply need and on old detergent bottle with a disposable tap fixed to the opening. Therefore whenever you need to wash those dirty hands you can utilize the water from the bottle and refill as required.

For the bookworms

Are you the type of person who can’t seem sleep at night without reading a page or two from a book? Well then you it’s inconvenient to be holding a torch while you read, so here’s a neat idea for hands-free lighting to get you started. Fill a gallon with water and strap your mini torch with the light facing the bottle and watch it brighten up your tent.

Bye bye itchiness

We all know when you speak about the great outdoors, there’s no secret about the mosquito menace. There’s simply nothing you could do about it that can make them go away, therefore the only way to deal with mosquitos is to tolerate and care for yourself. However you try to escape from the mosquito menace you still can’t stop from getting bitten by one or two of these annoying creatures. Best remedy for this, as proven from the experts is to apply pain relief balms that are meant for toothaches. It contains a local anesthetic which can numb the area bitten by the mosquito giving you relief from itchiness.